The Doctors Doctor


When looking for who is the best Lasik surgeon you might consider finding a surgeon who treats other surgeons. Dr. Rajesh Khanna has treated doctors, nurses, attorneys, police officers, firefighters, pilots, and military personnel. He is the doctor to many highly skilled surgeons & physicians throughout Los Angeles. He has made a name for himself in his field and strives to provide the best care available.

One of the greatest sources of pride to Dr. Khanna and the Khanna Vision Institute has been doctors trusting their eyes to him. Physicians and surgeons have access to information about their peers which may not been available on the internet. Visual requirements for active surgeons are very high. Physicians, as the nurse, are very demanding professionals who what the best for themselves and their families. Doctors of various specialties like surgeons, chiropractors, psychiatrics, internal medicine, family practice, dentists, have chosen him after careful research. What is more important is that they have paid for the surgeries. In fact many have turned down free offers from other Lasik surgeons to have surgery done with Dr. Khanna for his skills and great bedside manners. Even more difficult is for physicians to place their kids in another surgeon’s hands. Again we feel proud to say Doctors have paid for the expertise for Dr. Khanna. This is why we like to refer to Dr. Khanna as the doctor’s doctor.