Presbyopic Iol Implants or Pi are the latest cutting edge technology to reverse the effect of aging. They can make your eyes you’re again. Only FDA approved implants have deemed to be safe by FDA.

They cure presbyopia. The disease which has onset in the forties and progressively worsens. It prevents one from seeing near. Later even computers and other middle zone objects become difficult to visualize clearly.

So in short PRESBYOPIC IOL IMPLANTS cure presbyopia. Your need for readers or cheater is vanquished. Contact lenses no longer are required. No this is not achieved by mono vision. Each eye is able to have sight at all distances.

There are different types of Presbyopic Iol Implants or Pi. You can learn all about them in his well acclaimed book “The miracle of Pi in Eye”  Suffice it to say they come in various colors, shapes, thickness, materials and powers.


The best one for your eye depends on various factors. Dr.Khanna is an expert in Pi or presbyopic implants. You can seek his opinion in his office (next to the thousand oaks post office). Some evenings and Saturday consults are also available. The staff will employ audiovisual aids to help transfer knowledge.

Hope the explanation clarifies what are Presbyopic Iol Implants or Pi? In conclusion Top Presbyopia expert can match the best presbyopia iol implant to your requirements and the uniqueness of your eye.

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By Rajesh Khanna, MD