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I coudn't see far before so I decided to do Lasik. I got recomended to Dr. Khanna by my friend. The moment I entered his office I felt very confortable and knew I was in a right place. His staff is so lovely and helpful.

Dr. Khanna answered all of my questions before the surgery and through the whole process of my recovery. I had 20/20 vision the next day after my surgery! I am really happy I did this. The surgery itself was super comfortable, it was painless and took about 5-10 min. I was up driving and working the next day!

Dr.Khanna is an AMAZING doctor! He is very friendly, professional and experienced. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get Lasik! Thank you Dr.Khanna agian and staff at your eye institute!

Santa Monica


A choice of a lifetime cannot be made online. Come meet Dr.Rajesh Khanna and our warm caring staff. See our superior technology. Find out which procedure may be Best for your eyes.

I looked at a lot of surgeons for my Lasik and considered the priciest ones I could find. I saved up the money for well over a year and looked for a good doctor that entire time. I had a specific surgeon in mind who had come recommended by several close acquaintances but when I went in for my consultation he had raised his price to $6800, completely non-negotiable. I looked around and was about to bite the bullet on that insane price when I found Dr. Khanna. His recommendations weren't from people I knew personally but everything I read about him was glowing.

Dr. Khanna's price was more reasonable and his credentials were excellent. I still didn't have enough saved up to pay his fee but when I explained that I had been saving for such a long time his office worked with me to find a fair price I could pay without saddling me with credit card debt. In gratitude I don't think I should say exactly what I paid but I am extremely confident that there is simply no way I would ever have found a better surgeon at a lower price.

I was not a great candidate for Lasik but my procedure went well anyway. My contact lens prescription was -6.25 with astigmatism in one eye and -6.75 in the other, which is near the upper limit of what can be corrected with Lasik. Also my cornea is slightly thinner than normal (which means there is less substance that can be reshaped) and my eyes are slightly dry. All of these things meant my surgery would be riskier than most. (I would have worried that this report was an attempt to scare me away from cheaper surgeons or talk me into add ons but they didn't try to up-sell me on anything and the other surgeon I consulted with said the exact same thing) Even with the added risks I trusted that Dr. Khanna could do it, and I am extremely glad I did.

It took a while but eventually my vision got to be better than it was with contacts. I had been warned that I had a high risk of seeing "halos", rings of light similar to those I saw without glasses, around bright lights after the procedure. These are common in people with light eyes (mine are blue) and high degrees of correction and for some people they last forever. For me it was much worse than most. I couldn't drive for the first few nights, even though daytime driving was fine the next day. This worried me for weeks but Dr. Khanna assured me it would get better. After a couple months they stopped being noticeable and one night I realized they were completely gone. Now it has been over a year and my vision is noticeably better than it was with contact in all light conditions and at all times of the day (I don't have to worry about my contact drying out after 10-12 hours like I used to.)

I highly recommend Dr. Khanna to all my friends who ask about Lasik. I am very grateful for how much the procedure has improved my life. It was well worth the year I spent saving up money to pay for it. Don't go with someone cheaper.

Jay L
Los Angeles

                                                                         Lasik Eye Surgery                                                                                                                                   is the reshaping of the front clear part of the eye. This clear part is called the Cornea. It overlies the colored part of the eye termed Iris. The cornea is the strongest lens in the eye. Yes it is even stronger than the natural lens. Therefore if were to modulate the power of the Cornea we can achieve the elimination of rectory errors like - Nearsightedness, Farsightedness and even Astigmatism. There are different methods to bring about this calculated in change in the shape and power  of the cornea. The options arise as to 1) how to obtain data 2) What type of laser beam is used  3) Flap or flap less  delivery of laser

Data​ can be obtained by auto refractors and subjective manifest refraction. Auto refractors are computers which can generate information of the eye but cannot talk to lasers. The lasik doctor or his surrogate does better one or better two to obtain what number is best for your eyes.This method is employed in Allegretto, Nidek and Conventional Visx lasers. In more advanced method a wavefront machine obtains this data. It can communicate with the laser. Of course the lasik eye surgeon has a chance to review the information and make any subtle changes if necessary. Star S4 IR Visx laser has given good result with this technology .

Wavefront optimized method with a flying spot is employed by Allegretto Wavelight  500 Laser. Wavefront variable scan is the laser delivery method of  Visx  S4 Laser. Nike uses a scanning slit proprietary technology. We have access to all these FDA approved lasers.​

Lasik Eye ​Surgery can even be performed after previous Radial Keratotomy. For safety Lasik Doctors may prefer variations of Lasik Eye Surgery like Lasek to achieve good results.

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