Khanna Vision Institute for Los Angeles Lasik

Greater LA, Los Angeles & Beverly Hills Superior Lasik Surgery

Are you afraid of things coming near your eye? Has fear prevented you from having lasik laser eye surgery in Los Angeles – or Pi in eye, or refractive vision correction surgery? Don’t Worry, we understand your apprehension. Please come and see us. When you meet and talk to Dr. Khanna your fears will melt away.

Choosing the Perfect Laser Eye Surgery in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills

For the most successful laser eye surgery in Los Angeles, as elsewhere, make sure your surgeon has your best interests at heart. Each person is special and each eye is unique. Rajesh Khanna, MD will custom design a treatment for you to suit your lifestyle and expectations. Instead of pushing everyone through a single door, we offer various refractive procedures such as Lasik, Superlasik, Lasek, Visian, ICL, Pi in eye with Restor, Tecnis, Crystalens and Trulign. We also perform Refractive Laser Cataract Surgery and Cosmetic Pterygium procedures. We have access to Allegretto 500 hz, Visx, Intralase, Catalys and Lensx lasers

Have Lasik in Los Angeles Performed by a Highly Trusted Surgeon

At the Khanna Institue for LA Lasik, you will be treated like family. It comes easy to us. Dr. Khanna has performed Wavefront Superlasik eye surgery on his son, Pi in eye with cataract surgery on his mom, Wavefront Lasik on his nephew, and Monovision Lasik on his sister in law. Various staff members have been delighted to improve their vision through his skilled hands. We have also operated on many movie stars. The staff at Khanna Vision institute feels each person who comes to us for laser eye surgery in Los Angeles is a star and deserves stellar care.

Call us now at (805) 230 2126 to begin the journey for better vision. We are waiting for you.


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